Where It All Began

A Company That Looks To The Future

The Artisan

Tommasini takes its name from its founder Irio Tommasini having spent most of his life with bicycles. Irio since 1948 has been a master frame-builder and in his time was a successful rider in the world of racing.

Global Outreach

In the 70's by increasing his production capacity the distribution for Tommasini also increased both in Italy and abroad

Every Generation

From generation to generation, Tommasini frames has been be at the forefront of the industry and to be appreciated for their finish

Bike of Choice

Tommasini's workmanship, coupled with technological advancements and stringent quality control, have made it the frame or bike of choice

Today As Yesterday

The company production remains handmade conferring value to experience and selecting the best material. The Tommasini frames, indeed, are synonymous of quality due to tradition, but also rigorous controls that are followed during each production step.